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student life in France, work and study in France | Golden Future

Get all the details of student life in France to make right decision. Work and study in France on student visa make your living at ease. Call now for details

France has always been one of the top study destinations across the world. From the history of its beautiful cities to its delicious food and wine and spectacular scenery, France has everything that can attract international students. Apart from the education of France, student life in France is another reason that makes France most popular for higher studies. Because of its Green forest and rugged mountains, golden beaches and mighty rivers France reflected as the most popular tourist destination in the world. As a student, despite the stress of an exam, studies, and deadlines you can also get the opportunity to explore and enjoy all these to make your France stay memorable. France is home to thousands of international students hence, you will get the chance to explore diversity and to meet new people. Moreover, you don’t feel homesick as several Indian students opting to study in France. France Universities offer all facilities that make student life easier for foreign students. Comparatively low tuition fees and relatively cheap accommodation on and off campus allow students to enjoy their stay in France. In case you do not choose the hostel accommodation than your average cost 20,000- 25,000 per month.

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