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13 Foods That Cause Inflammation - Replace! DailyHealthPost


13 Foods That Cause Inflammation - Replace! DailyHealthPost

What is inflammation? It occurs when white blood cells release chemicals that increase blood flow to the site of infection or injury. This makes the area tender, swollen, and hot. In a healthy body, the extra blood promotes wound healing. However, when inflammation occurs in a healthy joint, cartilage slowly breaks down in response.

Although inflammation is part of your body’s natural healing system, too much of it isn’t great. In fact, systemic inflammation is the root cause of many health conditions, including Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, Type 2 diabetes, joint pain, and much more. Cytokines and C-reactive protein (CRP) are the two main compounds responsible for all this damage.

Other inflammatory diseases include:
Lung issues
Heart disease
Anger disorders

So what causes or triggers inflammation, you may ask. Well, lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, smoking, drinking alcohol and gut bacteria imbalance are all contributing factors. But the main cause - and the most easily reversible - is eating an inflammatory diet. In today's video, learn how you can avoid this list of foods at all cost.

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