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02 Aug 2021
Arbitrage AI—or ArbAI—is an exciting new Ethereum-based, tokenized smart contract with immense potential for investors.
Taking full advantage of Distributed Finance blockchain architecture, ArbAI was created to be an immutable, long-term investment vehicle that delivers returns in three key ways:
First, ArbAI token holders earn dividends any time tokens are bought or sold. These dividends are paid daily and can be withdrawn or reinvested at any time.

Second, as the value of ArbAI increases over time, token value increases, incentivizing token holders to maintain their positions.

Third, referral codes can be used to earn 3% in dividends whenever a referred investor buys tokens. These referral codes are tied to each investors’ public wallet address, and they never expire.
Not only is ArbAI built for profitability; it’s also inherently safe from developer collusion and rug-pulling. This is because the ArbAI smart contract was developed using an audited, secure, and proven code base that has been tested and perfected prior to launch. This gives ArbAI stability and reliability now and for generations to come.
With ArbAI now available, there’s never been a better time to begin reaping the rewards of investment in the DeFi revolution. Learn more and start investing today by visiting using a MetaMask-enabled web browser.

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