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ASMR for People Who Need Sleep 3Hr (No Talking)


Welcome back to my channel! This video includes an assortment of tapping, scratching, tracing, sticky trigger for sleep, study and relaxation!

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07:40 bubble press sensory toy
18:24 mini wooden clips
25:28 plastic ice cubes
31:08 sponge rollers
36:56 plastic thermo bag
42:44 cloud putty
49:02 spiked ring toy
54:15 fabric bag
59:45 studded belt
1:05:53 spoolie
1:11:53 basketball
1:17:19 decorative fringe
1:24:09 foot massage rollers
1:29:17 felt paint roller
1:35:43 rubber coated gloves
1:42:19 massage brush
1:47:12 stress ball
1:52:37 silicone glove clips
1:57:23 styrofoam balls
2:03:55 leather mat
2:10:37 silicone mat
2:17:26 ridged foam mat
2:23:48 small felt rollers
2:30:26 wire scrubbers
2:37:27 masking tape
2:43:30 bread squishy
2:50:35 pebbles
2:56:30 foam basketball and golf ball

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