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BANNED VIDEO OF AYZEE Fake Streamer Claims Transparent Winnings on Ethereum Network

Sabiha Islam

BANNED VIDEO OF AYZEE: Fake Streamer Claims Transparent Winnings on Ethereum Network

The timestamp provided by Mr. Ziad Koussa 6:38 – 6:46 ( does not provide a valid claim on copyrighted material (there is no copyright of his Twitch stream in public record). It is a stream on Twitch that is freely available to "clip" by any users on the platform. In the video in question, we are simply reviewing the clip and adding original content in accordance with the "fair use policy" of the United States and YouTube.The original video produced was intended to expose the fraudulent behavior of Mr. Ziad Koussa (Ayzee) who pretends to win large amounts of money live on stream when in fact the gains are manufactured via a complex system of hiding his losses via the Ethereum Blockchain. This was shown originally on our video and the industry is now aware of his fraudulent behavior. If required we can reupload the video without his image, but the facts in the video are irrefutable and we will continue to publish our findings so long as he continues to stream in a deceptive manner."

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