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Chathur Mukham Malayalam Movie Review | Techno-Horror | Manju Warrier | VEX Entertainment


Chathur Mukham Review Malayalam by VEX Entertainment
Chathur Mukham Malayalam Movie Review by VEX Entertainment
Chathur Mukham Malayalam Movie Review

Movie Synopsis
Chathur Mukham is directed by Ranjeet Kamala Sankar, Salil V. It stars Manju Warrier, Sunny Wayne, Srikant Murali in a Story of an ambitious young woman who faces a supernatural force through technology. Will she be able to survive the onslaught and solve this unheard phenomenon.

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VEX Entertainment Movie Reviews

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Here we will Explain the Movie Direction, Acting, Cinematography, VFX and CGI etc
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Movie INFO : Chathur Mukham Malayalam Full Story and History Complete Explained

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