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Dawning Fortune: Luo Yi #newakaji #shorts #trending #youtubeshorts #mlbb #games #ml #mlshorts

28 Sep 2021

Dawning Fortune: Luo Yi #newakaji #shorts #trending #youtubeshorts #mlbb #games #ml #mlshorts
Everyone watching shorts only, please watch my gameplay too and comment like subscribe so that I can improve my gameplay, if lots of viewers hate my gameplay I will never upload any gameplay videos from that day

Namaste, sabai jana lai,
"NewaKaji" is a gamer i.e. gaming only for fun and entertaining all the people who love gaming videos and live streams.
So, we will be streaming, uploading, and posting videos related to games on this channel only. Please show some love to
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My LIL Bros channel: (SanishNewa)

Thanks a lot for your PRECIOUS TIME

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