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Free Romantic Music For YouTube content creators | No Copyright Creative Commons distribution ||

28 Jul 2021

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Free Background Video and Music For Youtube No Copyright | Natural Meditation Music Video | If You want more peace well bing and happiness learn to meditation | Nature is the best

Category = Entertainment
Albam = Esther,s Waltz
Composer = Esther Abrami
Edit = Apurba Kumar Das

Relaxation / Meditation Music With Nature Scenes And Nature Sounds || Meditation - Presence Of Peace, A Beautiful Relaxation - Meditation For Sleep Music, Stress Music, Healing Music, Deep Relaxation Music, Sleep Meditation Music, Study Music, Relaxing Music Spa, And More.

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In this relaxation/ meditation, we explore how our emotions can affect us, how we can better regulate them, how to change our mindset, how we switch from a negative day to a positive and then we finally finish off with some powerful healing affirmations.

If you're feeling stressed or anxious this meditation is for you. Let's embark on this healing journey together so we can improve our self-awareness and growth.

I recommend listening to this mediation with headphones on and finding a distraction-free environment.

Play this music video and it will help you in your leisure process 🀍🌼🀍

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