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Gruha Lakshmi Telugu Family Entertainment Movie || Mohan Babu || Radhika || Bhanu Priya || S CUBE TV


Gruha Lakshmi Telugu Family Entertainment Movie || Mohan Babu || Radhika || Bhanu Priya || S CUBE TV

Gruhalakshmi telugu full movie

Gruha Lakshmi - 10/12 - Mohan Babu, Radhika, Bhanu Priya. Producer : B.Ramachandra Reddy, Director : B.Bhaskar Rao, Cast : Mohan Babu, Radhika, Bhanu Priya, M.Prabhakar Reddy, Suttivelu, K.K.Sharma, Veerabhadra rao, Arun Kumar, Vichitra Kumar, Surya Kumar, Uma Maheshwar Rao, Attili Laxmi, Mamatha, Jayavani, Mahija, Hari, Bharathi, Anuradha, Ja****ya, Giri Babu, Mikkilineni, , Music Director : Satyam. Synopsis : Gopi (Mohan Bab) and Rukmini (Radhika), a very happy couple, are a part of a loving family. Rukmini being the daughter in law of the house, still takes care of all her in laws more than a mother. Gopi as a loving husband is very happy to know that his wife is expecting. When he started taking life seriously and starts saving for his child, there enters Swapna Priya (Bhanu Priya), his college mate who once was his lover. As she sees Gopi, she jumps on him and without even knowing about his married life expresses her love. Gopi tried hard to tell her about his wife, but even before he could open his mouth, she proposed him for marriage and even Gopi couldn't refuse the offer as getting married to Swapna Priya means becoming the legal owner for crores of property which tempted Gopi to shout his mouth and marry her. Rukmini gradually comes to know about Gopi's affair with another woman. She requests him for divorce as she came to know that now there is no love left in Gopi's heart for her. Rukmini however had to support her in laws in their old age and eventually she befriends Swapna Priya. When Gopi came to know about this he requests Rukmini to leave the office to save his relationship with Swapna Priya. But unfortunately, Swapna Priya comes to know about Gopi's past life and leaves him by tearing their marriage registration paper. Gopi is devastated as neither Swapna Priya nor Rukmini is ready to accept him. What happens next, forms the most dramatic and sentimental climax. Check it out in this movie Gruha Lakshmi.

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