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Hip Abductor Exercises At Home: Ultimate Guide for Hip Abductor Exercises

06 Aug 2021
Sonam Tob****

You can strengthen your hip abductors and make them more agile by performing hip abductor exercises regularly. These are the muscles of the pelvis that allows you to walk or squat. It is easy to learn a set of good hip abductor exercises at home. To do such an exercise, you will need a smooth surface and time to work out. This will make it possible to do the hip abductor exercises without restriction or discomfort. How To Do Hip Abductor Exercises at HomeFirst Steps to Follow• Lie down flat on your stomach and bend your knees towards either side.• Your feet should remain flat on the flooring throughout the entire workout.• Then, extend your legs outward and lift your hips. • Next, bend your pelvis forward and to your left. You should be able to do these movements in a slow controlled fashion. Your abdomen should feel tight as you move your lower back. After completing one of these hip abductor exercises, you should be able to sit on the edge of a chair comfortably.To get started, try squats.It would help if you contracted your abdominals tight during contracted movements to push air between the ribs.• Tighten the muscles deep in your abdominal walls and push the rib cage further out. • Once you've completed five sets of squats, you can go on to the hip abductor exercises.This is the tricky part. You won't be able to do an exercise that doesn't require you to extend your knees. They will straighten out your pelvis and help move your hips to the right way. You will feel a lot more pain if you try to straighten your pelvis by stretching your legs. Hip Abductor ExercisesThis exercise is straightforward:• Lie down flat on your back, and then place your feet on the ground. • Then, lift your legs straight up to put your feet behind your head.• You will then slowly bring each leg up to the side with your pelvis.As you straighten your legs up, you have to focus on keeping your belly button down. Placing your index finger between your belly button and your bottom thigh can slightly tension in this area. When doing this, you will be strengthening and building up your abdominal muscles.Benefits of hip abductor exercisesImproved muscle performanceHip abductor exercises are essential for balance and athletic activities. You can improve your performance by using techniques to activate the gluteus medius in squats, such as a resistance band around your knees.Decreases the painA weakness in the hip abductors, especially the gluteus medius, can lead to overuse injuries and patellofemoral pain syndromes (PFPS) as well as iliotibial band syndrome. When you sit for prolonged periods or go downstairs, PFPS can cause pain behind your kneecap.Studies have found that people suffering from PFPS are more likely to have hip weakness than those who don't suffer from knee pain. This confirms the importance of hip abductor exercises when it comes to knee stability and health.Reduce knee movement dysfunctionKnee movement dysfunction is also known as knee valgus. This condition is more common in older women and people who have muscle imbalances or poor form while exercising.

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