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Kathu 4 ★ New Malayalam animation movie for kids ★ Moral story for children Broadmindedness


New Kathu ( Kathu 4 ) Malayalam kids cartoon story with good moral Broadmindedness ★ വിശാലമനസ്കത ( കാത്തു 4 ) ★ New Malayalam animation movie story for kids 2020 ★ from Hibiscus the creators of Manjadi ♥ Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE US:

★ Episode 4:
★ Episode 3: Planing:
★ Episode 2: The forest:
★ Episode 1: Friendship:

★ Kathu 4 story so far
Kathu and Appu were suddenly dropped in the middle of the jungle. They got a new companion there. A bunny Mittu. With Mittu, Kathu and Appu explored the whole beauty of of Kurinji forest. Then there came Chemban the wolf. The trio tricked Chemban and escaped themselves to a rabbit hole. Through the rabbit hole Kathu and Appu entered a crowded restaurant. There they have an encounter with the local rowdies and Kathu over powered them. But behind the bushes two long ears were observing the whole scene. What happened next? Watch this story.

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