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A new family animated movie Leo and Tig Beauty In Bloom #spring
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Mapa tells to the friends the story of a Hero who once saved the forest and its inhabitants from invasion of evil wolves. Tig and Leo are having an argument as to who was that very Hero — a Tiger or a Leopard? They decide to start a competition to find out, who is more deserving among them. But in the thick of the competition they forget to help Mila who gets entangled in the roots of a tree. But when their friend is really in danger, both Tig and Leo rush to help her and show themselves as true Heroes.

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A leopard cub Leo and Tiger cub Tig live together in the forest of Primorsky Krai. Leo and Tig are best friends and adventure seekers. They investigate natural phenomena, solve quizzes, play together and help others.
With Leo and Tig, we will discover the magical side of nature with all its wonders, and a forest spirit that helps those who believe in magic.
"Leo and Tig" is very interesting animated series for kids. If you like The Lion King, you will like it.

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