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Nice and Games -- Reload [Nintendo Wii]

13 Jul 2021

Reload is a budget priced light-gun style shooting game. A lot of the game feels like and old-time shooting gallery, which is a good thing, but might not provide the thrills people expect from games these days. The missions in Reload are supposed to simulate actual police and military training exercises and drills. Accuracy and speed are important. You get to fire a wide variety of weapons at targets made of wood, paper, clay, and metal. No living things are harmed in this game! But it still has a Teen rating for Mild Violence.

Your goal is to get and beat the high score, so if you like games where you give it one more go to see if you can get a few more points, you might like this game. It does feature the uploading of your score, but that feature is curiously limited, as I mention in the video.

This game has 2-4 player multiplayer modes, and while not all the single-player missions are available in multiplayer, there are a decent amount of games to play, and even a few multiplayer exclusive modes.

All in all, I did have fun with this game, but I generally like light-gun style games. Reload is definitely not the best game in this genre on the Wii. And even though it is budget priced at 20 USD, there are older but more high-end games in the genre like House of the Dead: Overkill, House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return, and Dead Space: Extraction that are available new for even less money.

Maybe Reload would be a good surprise "bonus" gift for the holidays. Not a main gift, though. lol

[This game used to be known as Reload: Target Down, but on the game itself, it just says Reload, and there isn't a "Target Down" to be seen in the manual. And on at Mastiff Games' website, they themselves just call the game Reload.]

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