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overactive bladder, Interstetial Cystitis, UTI treatment with Ayurveda

10 Dec 2022

Overactive bladder, also called OAB, causes a frequent and sudden urge to urinate that may be difficult to control. You may feel like you need to pass urine many times during the day and night, and may also experience unintentional loss of urine (urgency incontinence).

If you have an overactive bladder, you may feel embarrassed, isolate yourself, or limit your work and social life.

Neurogenic Bladder
The muscles and nerves of the urinary system work together to hold and release urine at the right time. Nerves carry messages between the bladder and the spinal cord and brain. The messages tell the muscles of the bladder to either tighten or release. In neurogenic bladder, these nerves don’t work the way they should.
What causes neurogenic bladder?
These are some possible causes of neurogenic bladder:

Accidents that cause injury to the brain or spinal cord
Genetic nerve problems
Heavy metal poisoning
Birth defects that effect the spinal cord
Brain or spinal cord tumors

These are the most common symptoms of neurogenic bladder:

Urinary tract infection (UTI)
Kidney stones
Urinary incontinence (unable to control urine)
Small urine volume during voiding
Urinary frequency and urgency
Dribbling urine
Loss of feeling that the bladder is full
The symptoms of neurogenic bladder may look like other conditions. Always talk with a healthcare provider for a diagnosis.

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