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Sci Fi Short Film “Planet Unknown | Best Animated movie | BTX ANIMATED

13 Jul 2021

At the end of the 21st century mankind were facing global resource depletion. Space Rovers were sent out to find potential inhabitable planets.

Planet Unknown is a passion project from director Shawn Wang. Animated over eleven months it was the final project for Shawn’s course at the Communication University of China. The attention to detail is exceptional with jaw dropping renders. Both the pace of the film and the use of shots is impeccable.

Planet Unknown recently won Best Animated Short at the Burbank International Film Festival.

Software's: Cinema 4D, plugin TurbulenceFD and Octane for C4D were heavily used for most of the tasks. Houdini was used to fracture things. Then Zbrush for sculpting, Mari for texturing, After Effects for compositing, and Premiere for editing. Python and JavaScript were used for scripting in C4D, Mari and AE, which helped speed up the process a lot.
It took around 4 months to build the 3D assets. Then Shawn moved on to animatic previews. Each individual shot got more clear and problems to solve became more specific. Then the rest of the time were mainly focused on building scenes, keyframe animation, FX simulation, rendering and compositing.

Director biography: Shawn Wang is an animation director and 3D artist. Having a passion for CGI and storytelling, Shawn loves creating narrative visuals through all types of media.

Written & Directed by: Shawn Wang
Modelling, Texturing, Animation,Compositing & Editing: Shawn Wang
Music & Sound Design by: Echoic Audio
Composer: Sam Foster
Sound Design by: Tom Gilbert, David Johnston
Special Thanks to: Evolutions
Re-recording Mixer: Will Norie
Executive Producer: Xinyuan Huang
Faculty Adviser: Yucheng Huang
Special Thanks to System Advisers: Sicong Wang, Jiawei Cao, Horizon Bian

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