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Splitgate Cheats - Aimbot & ESP Hack Download | Wallhax

07 Aug 2021

Splitgate Cheats - Aimbot & ESP Hack Download | Wallhax

Splitgate Cheats - Aimbot & ESP Hack Download | Wallhax

Dominate every match with the best Splitgate cheat features. A lock-on bone aimbot, 3D ESP hack, and 2D radar make you unstoppable. Top the scoreboards and rank up fast.

Why Use Aimbots?
Aimbotting in Splitgate isn't all that different from tracking your targets and lining up shots at the very start of a match. Get into the habit of aiming at the center of your enemy's head before they even move, because this is how you'll rack up the most kills.

With an aimbot, you can automate this, since the cheat will automatically lock on to an opponent's head and blast them away. You can even make your aimbot more accurate by customizing it to use your mouse's or controller's 'dead zone' and other options.

The amount of kills you get in a match depends on how blatantly you're cheating, and also what weapon you're using. Aimbots make it easy to track targets, line up shots, and have an unlimited range as long as your target is visible on screen.

Why Use ESP Cheats?
Most of Splitgate's maps have multiple paths, routes, and alternate routes. ESP users can quickly check for enemies on these paths and see them easily, even if they've just spawned.

Being able to see the enemy team's movement will let you get into a position where you are guaranteed to get kills before they can even see you. This makes ESP almost no risk for hitting the top of the scoreboard, as long you're using it properly.

One of the most common uses of ESP cheat is to track enemy movements. The nametags and health bars will show you where the enemy team has gone, and ESP users can easily track them down wherever they spawn.

Splitgate 2D Cheat Radar
With our radar cheat, your eyes are no longer the most important part of tracking your target's movements. Radar gives you a way to see exactly where they are on the map, so you can hunt them down with ease.


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