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Symptoms & Causes of Alopecia Universalis

28 Jul 2022
Swa Artisanal Syrups

Symptoms<br />
Hair fall in different parts of the body<br />
Hair might also start falling from eyebrows, beard, and other body parts<br />
Loss of pubic and nostril hair <br />
Itching on the body or scalp<br />
Redness on the skin<br />
Thyroid disorder<br />
Atopic dermatitis<br />
<br />
Causes:<br />
<br />
Lifestyle<br />
Usage of Chemical based products<br />
Allergic manifestations<br />
Avoidance of Shiro (head) Abhyanga (massage)<br />
Poor hygiene of scalp<br />
Vitiation of Dosha<br />
<br />
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