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Testing Belgian Foods (Bruges, Belgium Food Tour) | Eileen Aldis Travel Channel

13 Jul 2021

Belgian food. When you think of Belgium I’m guessing that visions of Belgian chocolate, Belgian fries, Belgian waffles and Belgian beer come to your mind - let the Belgian food tour begin! We set out in Bruges to eat ALL THE THINGS in one glorious day. We started out with a tip from our Airbnb host on where to find the best chocolate. There are over a hundred places to get chocolate in Bruges and, as she said, “Not all of them are good.” Enough said. We headed to BbyB which was started by Michelin chef, Bart Desmidt, and master chocolatier, Jan Verleye. Unfortunately it was closed with a big sign that pointed us to a CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL they were attending this day. Did we just stumble across a Belgian chocolate festival? Yes - praise be - we did. We heard about the science and concept of these designer chocolates and finally got to taste. It was a real experience and we’ve honestly never tried anything like it. The chocolate itself disappears quickly but the flavour releases slowly through your mouth and hits your taste buds long after. It was an amazing way to start this Belgian food tour. Next up? Belgian fries! We left the tourist area and went to a quiet place we’d already found in which we were the only non-locals. We ordered fries with mayonnaise (very traditional), ketchup, and a stew sauce that tastes like a Sunday roast in a dipping sauce. After that salty hit it was time to go back to sweet: enter Belgian waffles. I didn’t realize there are two types of Belgian waffles (from Brussels and Liège). We had the Liège waffles which are smaller and made with sugar. As the waffles cook the sugar caramelizes which makes this lovely crunch on the outside but it stays soft on the inside. Our waffle was piled high with whip cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries, and icing sugar. Perfection. Completely full, our last stop of the day was Belgian beer. We went to Cafe Vlissinghe - the oldest pub in town. It’s been in business since 1515 and has a coziness inside that you simply cannot manufacture. I don’t actually like beer but since we were in Belgium at a 500+ year old pub I figured I should give it a shot. The server recommended a cherry flavoured beer that, she said, didn’t really taste like beer. Right up my alley. She was right and I really enjoyed it. Marc had the ‘house’ beer and finished it happily as well. It was a great way to end the night after a whole day of two hungry Canadians trying Belgian food. If you’re in Belgium I’d definitely recommend these Belgian foods to try! Nothing disappointed, even with our high expectations, and you cannot ask for more. I hope you enjoyed this video! What was your favourite Belgian food we showed?

Subtitles available in English and Spanish.

Where we went in Bruges:
BbyB Chocolates:
Frituur De Gentpoorte:
Oyya Waffles:
Cafe Vlissinghe:

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