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The PureMate Portable Mini Compact Dehumidifier (PM-468)

14 Feb 2022

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This brand-new mini dehumidifier from PureMate quickly and efficiently removes damp, mould and moisture from the air. It is perfect for use in small areas such as the Kitchen, Garage, Basement, Wardrobe, Boat or anywhere else prone to damp air. Extracts up to 250ml of moisture per day and Water tank capacity of 500ml. Auto-Off and LED indicator when full, Ultra-Quiet Technology- Thermo-Electric Cooling. Compact, portable and lightweight, Suitable for room size 15m².

** COMPACT ANTI-MOULD AIR CLEANER: Assists in the relief of allergies, breathing difficulties, congestion, and itchy watery eyes by reducing mould spores and dust mites from living, work, or play areas.

** HIGH EFFICIENCY & LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION: Squeezes Up to 250ml of water a day from Humid Air. Don't let the energy consumption of the dehumidifier become your burden, with our dehumidifier, you can rest assured every day.

** 500ML AUTO SHUTOFF TANK: PureMate High-efficiency, Lightweight and Portable. Automatic switch off when tank is full. Automated electronic shut off allows you to run the mini dehumidifier continuously without leaks or overflow. The easy to remove 500ml tank empties quickly without spilling.

** WHISPER QUIET SILENT DESIGN: Ultra quiet whisper technology operating fan. Thermo-Electric Cooling (No compressor needed) Thermoelectric technology allows our dehumidifier to maintain continuous use without any disturbance in your life.

Tel: 0800 612 8027

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