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Top 10 rich country by GDP .you will be shocked😳😳😳

By looking at the GDP per capita, or gross domestic product per capita, of each country around the globe, it is possible to rank countries based on wealth and then compare them to each other. From there, you can determine which states are wealthiest and then list the countries in descending order, from richest to poorest. Here is the definitive list of the top 55 most affluent countries in the world, starting with the wealthiest country.

Luxembourg (GDP per capita: $119,719)
Norway (GDP per capita: $86,362)
Switzerland (GDP per capita: $83,832)
Ireland (GDP per capita: $81,477)
Iceland (GDP per capita: $78,181)
Qatar (GDP per capita: $65,062)
The United States of America (GDP per capita: $64,906)
Denmark (GDP per capita: $63,434)
Singapore (GDP per capita: $62,690)
Australia (GDP per capita: $58,824)
Location is a major player in the overall wealth of a country. For example, developing countries do not rank very well when GDP is the variable in consideration. If access to certain items and necessities is restricted, people are already working with a substantial disadvantage. Places that are not war-stricken or already burdened with a less-than-ideal economy are not set up to do well in the competition of gross domestic products between countries.

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