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World Famous Magician Suhani Shah Performing Stand-Up Magic FULL House||Part 1

27 Jul 2021
Victor Sarkar

Shuhani Shah Best Magic Video || tv6pro ||
Magic is in the air! Armed with a mountain of determination, Suhani Shah has enthralled audiences with both her skills as a life-coach and and jaw-dropping mentalism acts! Starting from a very tender age, she has successfully overcome the numerous obstacles in her way and become the renowned stage name that she is today. Having performed over 5000 shows in various locations, Suhani certainly knows how to captivate an audience! Watch as Suhani reveals the key to success and concludes with a stunning display of her mind reading prowess! Suhani Shah kick-started her journey to achieve the pillars of success at a tender age of 7. She is a magician, orator, psychosomatic counsellor and a powerful hypnotherapist. This 23 year old, carries a bag of 16 years of experience which makes her a bunch of confidence, wisdom and understanding. Performing shows, travelling to different places, meeting different people with different mentalities has become Suhani’s way of life.

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